Price Suggestion
~16.06 ref
Unique Strange Part: Defender Kills
69 votes up
15 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Elsa Payaso.

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...Proofs below :

Selling for 0.22-0.44 <selling for 0.22 <selling 2 for 0.33 each , sold 1 (2days old) <selling for 0.33 <selling for 0.33 <selling for 0.33 <selling for 0.33 <selling for 0.33 <selling for 0.44, 1 week old <Selling for 0.44, got 1 0.33 offer <one 0.44 offer and a 0.33 offer <selling for 0.44 <selling for 0.44

Buying for 0.22 : <over 3 people added

Buying for 0.33 : <1 week old <3 days old no comments.. <2 weeks old, many people added for 0.33 <3 weeks old, 1 comment <1 day old no comments <1week old , over 2 people commented <6 hours old(new), no comments <1 week old, no comments <1 week old, over 2 people commented

    Very nice proof, I like it but most of your proofs are less than a week, some are even today. Upvote

    looks good, even though I think the proper range seems like 0.22-0.33, nobody seems to be getting 0.44..maybe re-suggest it at that?

      well ... 0.22-0.44 is 0.33 :) and some people actually sell for 0.44 you can see 1 person who offerd 0.44 above (will try to find more)

        well but there are people who are selling them for 0.22, so 0.33 is not the right average..and I don't see anyone who offered 0.44?

      Nice proof.

      On a somewhat unrelated note, I had someone try to convince me this was worth a key...

        I lol'd when I saw this. What dude tried to tell you this item was worth a key?!

          I don't know, he was offering on my S. Huntsman with a bunch of items, and he insisted that something was worth more because it had this 1 key part, so I looked and it was this. Insta-blocked him after I saw that.

            I'm still laughing my head off. The poor guy.


            I got a question (not about the suggetion)

            If i close a suggetion with -40 points will i lose the points ? and if i close a suggetion with +50 will i get 50 points?