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~13 keys
Unusual Madame Dixie Steaming
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62 votes down
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Unusual Madame Dixie Level 22

Effect: Steaming -

Copies of this Level 22 exist = 4 worldwide

Text: A beautiful, sophisticated and timeless hat worn only by the finest of upper-class citizens, albeit mostly women. It is debatable how this delightful headgear found its way to the Pyro, but something tells me I don't want to know.

— Madame Dixie publicity blurb

( I had an offer of 26 keys, I just refused to not want to wait 9 days )


I am not looking to sell the hat here.

Just look for suggestions

    Uuuuuhm, this is not the place to sell stuff?

      I am not looking to sell the hat here.

      Just look for suggestions

        YOU should do the job, not us.

      So who is this guy that offered 27 keys

      lol, this isn't the place to be trading, it's for price suggestions and I see you are trying to raise backpack value a ton, unless you think this is a trade.

        I am not looking to sell the hat here.

        Just look for suggestions

          the price is fine like it is, it's a cancer hat with a cancer effect, plus you are just attempting to raise the price by like 10 keys for your bag value

        Where does the 27 key range come from?

          1. Get rid of all the useless unneeded text. We don't need to know there are only 4 lvl 22s in existence. We don't need to know the level yours is. We don't need to know about the description of the hat. What we need to know is what recent trades of the hat have gone for and nothing else.

          2. If you were offered 26 keys then links us to the trade where you were offered 26 keys. Not the newest trade in your attempt to sell the thing.

          3. We need more than just your trade as proof that the price needs to be changed. There's 8 of these on OP. Go through them and see if they too are getting offers higher than the current price.

            ok if I negotiate for value then this will be seen as a possible ascent is that?

            As evidence that printscreen?

            Even if you can prove you had an offer of 26, its clearly outlier as nobody else will pay that much or even bothers to attempt to sell for that price.

   Sold for 16 keys

  , Best offers were worth 16-17 keys and has failed to sell for 20.

   Only offer in over a month is 17 keys

   2 offers of 18 keys.

   B/O of 21 keys and is considering selling for 17 keys.

   Best offer is 19-20 keys in items.

                You must have misunderstood, price suggestions are where you submit a request for the price of this hat as listed on this website to change. In order to change the price, you need to show sales at your suggested range, and not at the old range. Duscoda showed some proof that trades still happen in the old range, If you want to trade hats, please use tf2outpost or tf2bazaar. Price suggestions are not the place to trade.