Price Suggestion
Stout Shako
Submitted by Berando
~1.5 ref
Unique Stout Shako
15 votes up
123 votes down
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This suggestion was closed by [GIRL] Mr. Bucket.

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demopn won't be pleased if it's not 2 refined

    NO. God, no.


    Wow two weeks without that suggestion.

      We almost made it...

      This **** again ?

        I think i cried

          Your key suggestions is ****

          No offense

            How the hell is that related to this?

              Dis is a person which manipulates key price

                1. Not related to this stupid meme in any way

                2. I hate key prices rising as well, but at least he is reflecting the current market honestly

                3. The act that you would stalk ( im assuming) him to this trade just shows how butthurt you got by the key price bump.

          fresh joke mate

            The community is not pleased.

              could've at least put a range. or proof.

                I would seriously upvote this if I could.

                Sadly, the community doesn't care about demopan... :/

                  Tragic isn't it.

                  demopan demopan DEMOPAN

                        I brought shame on myself. Thanks for the notification, but abit harsh.

                          There is no babying on the interwebs. MAGGOT!

                      This really should be 2 ref. This game is all about having fun, isn't it? And what's not fun about Demopan?

                        lets see here...

                        1. the constant micspam "DERMERPERN LEDLELDLELDLDELDE"

                        2. Dummies selling an ordinary hat for 2 refined

                        3. The pan itself

                        4. The demo fan boys

                        5. Demopan only servers

                        Shall i go on?

                          Take it easy now grumpy cat. Most of us noticed that you don't like him that much.

                            He got old, real fast. Also, if the meme was "GASTLY GIBUS FOR 2 REFINED", should we sell the gibus for 2 ref? i think not.

                              Pffft. The gibus was already a hated hat, even in the time when he was created. If there is one meme that got old quickly, it is that damnable gottam joke. Pootis is ok, but gottam got abit boring pretty much quickly.

                                same with demopan, its just some nub, who doesn't know his melee weapons or his pricing.

                        Stout Shako 2 ref!


                        Get it stout shako 2 ref :D


                          you're a little late.


                          I think we're done here...

                              god i love that