Price Suggestion
Non-Craftable Vita-Saw
Submitted by Long218
~0.17 ref
Unique Vita-Saw
50 votes up
28 votes down
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Comments 3 ref. long time but idk. also offer of 5 ref 1 key(4 ref) key offer. 6 keys in trade server ??? 4 ref

    Trades are ancient, most recent offer is for 1 key 1 day ago, but it was quickly retracted. offer of s medi, but the trade is really new. Owner wants mid-tier medic stranges Offer of bubble pipe + g menpo, which is 3.33 before item overpay. Items are missing so offer isn't valid anymore.

    It might warrant raising to 3 flat (?) but there's not nearly enough evidence. Demand is so low that I'd rather leave the current range up, since either would be inaccurate but it's not a popular item.

    im confused how u doing this so fast

      Because he's not doing proper research.

      These are age old trades and the guys that offered (a long time ago) very likely already bought somewhere else for less.

      He didn't bother to actually observe the market, only pick those orphan trades that will never sell, because the owners expect too much, as evidence.

        But then again those offers were made and very llikely that the posters of good offers already bought it from someone else since their offers are good.

          As I said in the Volcano suggestion: offers on these depend very much on the trade you are offering in. I did the same, offer higher in those age old trades as a backup in case I don't get it for the price I actually want it.

          And for all 3 I did not have to pay that higher backup offer (the trade owners declined anyway or did not respond at all). That's why those age old trades are not suitable for any proof at all.

          And I know for a fact, that they are the ones that tend to fake offers too...

          I paid less than 2.55 for all 3 of them (each) eventually, and that with the restriction that I wanted them from the original owner only.

      First, third and fourth link are all too old and irrelevant. Second link is retracted. Downvote till more proof is given.

      Please stop with these suggestions with minimal proof and research please. You are abusing that blue belt. :/