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~3 keys
Unique Sharpened Volcano Fragment
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112 votes down
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      why are you posting gifs everywhere? :l

      Sorry, that is not enough proof to raise the lower end by 2 scrap just because 1 person offered that.

      I've been watching them (Vita, SoaS, Volcano) for a long time. The Volcano is indeed the one that actually does sell better and higher than the others, even as high as 1 Key because there are so many asking for ridiculous b/o.

      I bought mine for 2 ref

      and sold a spare within the range:

      this looks like a 2.33 b/o:

      1 week without an offer:

      1 week without an offer:

      same guy of your 2.22 proof offering 2 ref around the same time:

      Before you say my 2 ref buy is too old, the supply and demand for those has not changed much in the last few weeks. If you really want to suggest a new price, you have to do some serious research and monitor them for a while, at least a couple of weeks.

      The offers you get when you sell one, are very different.

      One thing I noticed is, that people don't even bother offering on those age old trades (like your proof) or the ones that begin with "rare, spent $20, 1/120 chance ...), because if you are looking to buy one, you know very well that that is futile as they tend to expect getting the price they declined 4-5 month ago.

      I don't disagree that the price may need an update, just that you didn't do your research and made a proper new range. The one you are suggesting seems arbitrary and unnecessary because you only raise the lower end based on very thin proof.

        your sold link doesn't work. and it been 5 months so I think adjusting the price will be fine.

          Yeah, my post was a work in progress, link works fine now. And that it's been 5 month is no excuse to make it easy for you.

          My main point is, that what people offer very much depends on the trade where they are offering in this case. It should be possible to find more proof if you think the old range is not good enough anymore.

          The guy you show as evidence, also offered 2 ref on at least 2 other trades around the same time. The guy above him in your proof even offered 3 ref.

          Finding a proper new range for this item takes some time and dedication... not just a simple search, one link and the fact that the price is 5 month old.

          Looking at the ones on the market and their offers now again, and remembering the ones that sold (don't have them bookmarked anymore - stopped tracking), my gut tells me the new range should be 2, maybe 2.33, to 3 ref.

          I admit that I was very lucky to find mine for 2 ref, that took a lot of patience. I actually didn't want that one because it was not originally owned (my uncraft weps collection is original owners only), but I bought it anyway in the hope to have a chance to swap for one of the very rare original owned ones.

          Eventually I bought that for 1 Key (3.66 att) in a bundle, Vita + Volcano, then sold the Vita and the one I bought (for 2 ref) for 4.66 in the trade I linked above. It took me less than a week to sell them, which is pretty darn good for those items, imo.

          I even offered 3 refined on the originally owned Volcano alone, but the guy selling (the pair for 1k) was too dumb to notice that that was an even better offer than his b/o and insisted he wants 1 Key for both, lol.

          So I acually bought 2 Volcanos for less than 2.22.

          The thing is, offers on these are relatively short lived and depend very much on the current demand. One week the best offer you get is 2-2.33 refined, the next it goes up to 3 refined or even a Key just because 2 people are actually looking for one.

          Don't be fooled by the apparent supply of old trades and their offers. If you look at them closely, you notice that only very few are actually for sale at any given time at a reasonable price buyers are willing to pay. And those are not the trades that are older than a couple of weeks, they are pretty much dead. Everyone seriously looking for one knows that and won't bother offering.

          That is why I think you need a better range and more proof by actually observing them for a while.


            Offer is within the current range. Downvoted.

              2 scrap is not going to change anything, especially for a rare item like this.