Price Suggestion
~1.66 ref
Unique Ol' Snaggletooth
50 votes up
24 votes down
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Comments 1.66 offer buy snagle at 2 ref someone offered 1.66 but got beaten

sellers at 1.33 don't online.


    how do u make suggestions so fast

          Not grounds for a price change


          [url][/url] - Buying for a S. Sniper and Rec (1.33)

          [url][/url] - Selling for 1.33

          [url][/url] - Sold for 1.33

          [url][/url] - Selling for 1.33

          I just provided more counter proof than you did proof, this price change is inaccurate, should be 1.33 - 1.66.

            Agreed ^^ Long you have 2 hours to change this or I may 'rep whore; you :D