Price Suggestion
~5.39 ref
Strange Sydney Sleeper
235 votes up
79 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by [GIRL] Mr. Bucket.

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I don't know if i have enough proofs but....

Buying for 0.66-1ref : <Buying for 1 ref <Buying for 0.66 (1ref offer) <Buying for 0.66 <Buying for 0.77

Successful Sellers at 0.66-1ref : <Over 10 people added for 0.66-1ref each <Over 7 people added for 1 ref each (got out of stock real fast) <1 guy added for 1ref <1 guy added for 0.66 <Over 2 people added for 0.66 <Got 1 offer for 0.66 <1 offer for 0.55 (1 scrap less xD)

And its kinda hard buying for 0.33 :\

I will try to get more proofs soon :|

If you find more proofs comment below :)

    1 ref buyer has none of the items and just 1 ref in BP

    2nd seller sells for 1rec not 1ref (out of stock)

    as mentioned maybe 0.66 flat.

    Good proof, looks good. Upvote from me

      I'm thinking .66 flat would be better here, just because most of your 1 ref sellers have very old trades with only 1 or 2 per week, which is usually considered luck. But I looked through the buyers and so many are unsuccessful at .33, so it does need to go up. Staying neutral unless more solid proof is provided. Still good work though.

        Thank you :) i guess you are right... 0.66 flat would be better :\

          Ehh, I still think 0.66-1 ref is fair. I've seen plenty go for 1 ref on trade servers in the past few months, but that could just be me.

            If you could find some in a trade server right now, that would help a bunch since this is just barely wrong.

            >hit like on the useless comments

            >hit dislike on someone who has a legitimate argument

            Really guys. If you think i'm wrong then say why and give the proof I asked for.

              /fixed, I got your back bru

            It took a fair bit of work to get one for .66, even after offering on many seller trades. Upvoted!

              Upvoted, good proof, even though I bought mine for 1 rec :P