Price Suggestion
Max's Severed Head
Submitted by dsa
~28.7 keys
Unique Max's Severed Head
53 votes up
205 votes down
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This suggestion was closed by Bigjamin Chungus.

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Level 1 - 1369 pcs

All other lvls <102 pcs

so.. can anyone say me why level 1 max's head still is 2 buds? Where is logic?

If you are dont want 1.3 for lvl 1 max's head... do other levels more price.

    Where is logic?

      Where is logic?

        Where is logic?

          Logic is WHERE ?

            What is love?

              This is love this is love this is love.

                what is logic again?

                Baby don't hurt me... Don't hurt me... No more...

                  Ohhhhhwoooah eh ohhhhhwoah eh ohwoahhhh yeah yeah!

                  Baby don't hurt me.

                    Ahhh shit, it's already been done.

          its an upvote for me a guy offered a level 1 max head + 2 keys for my v.bill`s lolz!

          i wouldnt spent 35 keys for that level!

          where is logic?

            You can't set the price for a specific level. You suggested to change the price for all max heads.

            Sorry that all other people here doesn't do anything consturctive.~

              Why not? Craft numbers affect to prices, paint affect to prices, so... technically it is realizable.

          yea let's create different prices for each level. thanks for the easy downvote

            level 1 max's 14 times more than all other lvls... Don't need to do it for all levels

              not 14 times, check stats page before tell anything about stats at all

                okay, 13,6 times.

                  holy crap, you never visited math at school, right?

                  there are 102 of lvl 77 max's only! and there are also 98 other levels

                  oh, i see, you are suggestor, thought it's just random comment. Check stats page again pls. U'll see that each other lvl of Max exist in 70-100 copies

                    oh god... i wasnt mean sum of all levels -.-'

                      If you want, i can give you more statistics.

                      15% of all max's - level 1.

                      1,2,3,....,97,98,99 levels - 85%

                      PE: range(1,99) levels - 85%

                        14 times more than ALL other lvls.

                        that why it's lookslike you meant relly ALL other Max's. Anyway, it's just 15% of max's with lvl 1. Admins may write script for lvl 1 max's that will show custom price for it in field 'w/bonuses' but they will never accept this suggestion w/o single proof.

              easy downvote

                this guy is smart

                  THAT'S a FREE REP xD... downvote

                    Actually, it's not just dupes, Valve created Max's heads so that the majority would be level 1.

                      Even if this true, a shit ton are duped.

                      Still a downvote for me, I easily sold 10 level 1 Max Head's for 2 buds each or the equivalent in Keys.

                        Because not so many people know about lvl 1 max's.

                          ^^ Words of Wisdom.

                            Lolwut, u serious?

                            Everybody knows what's wrong with level 1 max heads. If they don't know it, they simply ask traders who want to buy max heads except level 1's.

                        Doesn't matter if these things are as common as the Gibus hats, if people are buying and selling for 2 buds, then that's the price of Max's Head.

                          Serisouly guys? 2 hours and 29 comments and NO ONE told him that he can't set the price for a specific level? Jeez. -.-


                              today i just sold my lv 1 max for 2 buds pure so............

                                I sold my Level 1 Max Head about a week or so ago. I sold it for 52 Keys and it only took a couple hours to sell.

                                So no, not even a Lv 1 Max Head is worth 1.3 Buds. You can easily sell them for around 1.8, and extremely quickly (for a 2 bud item, 3-4 hours is pretty fast, at least imo) at said price. I probably could've gotten the 2 buds had I decided to wait longer, but I needed the keys.

                                  The prices here are for the normal, unduped item. Max heads have been 2 buds for a long time, and they still sell at 2. The duped lvl 1 or lvl 7 are different, but the price here is not for those.