Price Suggestion
~3 ref
Unique Burning Bongos
50 votes up
9 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Puddilicious.

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There is simply no demand for this item. No offers have been made on this item at all and all those 1 ref trades remained unsold. I know the trades are like 1-2 days old but we can wait and see if those get buyers or not. Forgive me for not having any exsiting proof for the 0.66 ref part, I'm merely retaining the old low range but cancelling off the high range. 1 ref seems too high for this low demand item.

Selling for 0.88 ref (indirectly): (1.55 with uncraft infernal ochestrina)

unsold for 1 ref: (1 day) (inactive, 3 days) (2 days) (2 day) (20 hours)

No prices: (3 days, no offer) (6 days, no offer) (3 months, 1 ref offer 1 month ago, no recent offers)

    show us them selling at .66

      I have already explained everything in the top comment. So don't just comment here just for the sake of it, read first.

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