Price Suggestion
~9.5 keys
Unusual Counterfeit Billycock Bubbling
63 votes up
8 votes down
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Bubbling backbiter's billycock is 18-24 keys, and this hat is a paper version of that hat! Right? Right??

This price has never actually been voted on, but it seems pretty accurate. Here's some proof:

Buyout: 1 bud


• 14 keys (rejected)

Buyout: 1 bud


• s.f.huntsman (13 keys)

• steaming pencil pusher (19-21 keys)

Buyout: 1 bud


• blizz geisha boy (25-31 keys) + sweets

Buyout: 20 keys, sold for unknown amount

SOLD 3 weeks ago

BO was 15 keys, but someone offered 16

SOLD 2 weeks ago

Sale price: big kill (15-16 keys)

SOLD 1 week ago

Sale price: 20 keys

SOLD 1 month ago

Sale price: 2x black bills <-- gifted

SOLD 2 months ago

Unknown sale price, BO was 22 keys

SOLD 1 month ago

BO price was 18 keys

SOLD 1 month ago

BO price was 23 keys

Conclusion: While it might not seem like much, the sales of this hat vary from 15 keys to 23 keys. However, 5 of them sold for more than 16 keys, while one sold for 15 and one for 16, so I think the old low price of 18 is still viable. The old high price is still viable too, since there was a month old sale at 23 keys, and link three was offered a blizz geisha boy. Let me know what you think~

This seems high... you show tons of sales and buyouts between 16 and 22 but you put at 18-24

    True, but I can't discount the blizz geisha boy offer. And the other sales fell within the range, so I felt there wasn't a need to change the old range...

      blizz geisha has 3 buyouts of 1 bud and two of 25 keys.

      old price, should not be considered part of range.