Price Suggestion
~1.33 ref
Unique Swagman's Swatter
44 votes up
44 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted 5 years ago by -».•´Puddilicious`•.«-.

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I just think that the current price is a bit odd and it should be 1.33-1.66 because not many hats here are 1.33-1.55<--- offered 1.77 for swatter

    Dat extra scrap.

    Just because most hats are not the price of this one, does not mean that it should match the others. There must be evidence to support your suggested price. In this case, you would need to show proof of the hat being bought, or attempting to be bought at 1.66ref. Do not mistake this with people trying to sell the hat for 1.66. Unless it has been sold for that price, it's not useful.

      there are a bunch of weird ranges around, but the ranges become whatever the offers/sales point to (and 1.66 was just not happening).

      Now, that could've changed, but you're going to need proof.

        Also, don't try to raise item prices just because you own it, you'll get flamed for that dude.

      Post links or screenshots to support the suggestion. Opinions aren't what makes a range.

        how did you eat your sandvich soo many times?!


            but doesn't it only count it if you are injured?

              Not too sure on that part, but either way, there are several idle servers that have spawns that constantly damage you.

              Back on topic with the price, it's a downvote for me due to the fact that:

              link 1 hasn't gotten an offer on the swatter in the past month;

              link 2 has only had an offer of 1.55ref in the past..well..3-4 months;

              link 3 hasn't gotten an offer of 1.66+ on the swatter in the past month;

              link 4 got the offer of 1.66, but for some reason they never went through with it;

              link 5 same person from link 4 offered to buy from different seller for 1.66, never went through with it;

              That being said, I don't see enough proof to support the change in the current range.

          I sold mine 3 days ago for 1.66

          Took me about 2 weeks and I had to reject two 1.33 offers and one or two 1.55, but I think that is possible

          Moreover I don't like a 1.33-1.55 range xD