Price Suggestion
Strange Festive Buff Banner
Submitted by Europe
~1.75 keys
Strange Festive Buff Banner
271 votes up
136 votes down
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This suggestion was closed by SirJjjon.

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Been seeing many not sold for 6, more for 5 guess a range could do. Proof below

      Some of your proof for unsold at 6 keys really isn't that great of proof. Link 1 barely counts since its common for a more expensive item to not sell in 24 hours. Especially when it goes unbumped. Link 2 appears to have sold. Links 3, 4, and 5 have all gone unbumped since being made.

      You put a lot of buyers in the 5 keys section and the guy who offered his 4 keys dont even have the BB in the backpack anymore, obvious quickseller.

      i got an offer if a salvaged crate, but retracted

          Attempting to figure out how this comment was supposed to add anything to the discussion of this suggestion..

            Don't look at me. He did provide good proof that it can be bought for 5 keys and I agree with the suggestion.

              Alright, I added more to show it can still be sold for 6

            i'm down-voting this suggestion due the lower than 6 keys are buyers trade .

            almost buyer trades useless to lowering price and useful to raise price

            second thing: the steam market average of 26 sold buffs 5.98 keys closer to 6 keys .


            Strange Festive Buff Banner secondary 12.97 13.76 5.98 keys, 21.57 ref 26

            His lowering the price so that he can buy it for lower.


              clearly, no such thing as concidence on this site

                Being an Admin for several trade servers I haven't seen them being sold for 6 keys in a while now. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

                Who cares if he's buying it? I've made suggestions for a ton of items I own or have owned and items I was interested in and all of mine have been accepted. If the proof's good, it shouldn't matter. On that trade you clearly see someone willing to sell for 5 and 1 Ref, so someone is willing to sell for less than 6. Don't ignore his proof so you can try and get people to grab their pitchforks.

                link 1 got an offer in items valued at around 6 keys

                  market is averaging 5.5 now

                    I dont know, I feel like this suggestion is a little de-valueing.

                      what do you mean by this? isn't this true of every suggestion to lower a price?

                        Well, no. Outpost no longer searches shaded out items so its EXTREMELY hard to price normal items now.

                        Before, you had ALOT of information about past sales from the "sold" shaded-out items. Now you cant search any of them anymore.

                    I just sold one for 5 + clean dead duckling, think 6 is fair

                      I bought mine for $12.50 and 500 banners later I feel it was worth every penny for MVM :-)

                        i am neutral for noe, i dont really agree with the 5 keys :/ its possible, but i dont think there is enough happening at 5 for it to be included in the range. Majority i see being sold are in the 5.5-6 keys area.

                 this guy put it for 5 and got three adds within a day.

                          Im thinking it might be better to go 5.5-6