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~17 keys
Unusual Salty Dog Steaming
35 votes up
5 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by [GIRL] Mr. Bucket.

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Steaming Salty Dog

Price update


B/O 2 buds


- Bubbling Hound Dog (21-26 keys)

- Bubbling Stuntman TS (18-23 keys) + 2 keys ( = 20-25 keys)

- Orb fire Old Guadalajara (1-1.3 buds, three weeks ago: 26-27 keys – 33.8-35.1 keys)

- Orb fire Milkman (1.3-1.7 buds 1 month ago)


B/O None


- 23 keys


B/O None


- Blizzardy Storm Buckaroos White (20-25 keys)

- Smoking One Man Army (18-21 keys)

[url][/url] (Gold painted)

B/O 2 buds or Max

Offers: none


B/O 1 bud

Offers: none


B/O 1.33 buds pure

Offers: none


B/O ~25-26 keys

Offers: none

    That 1 bud b/o trade is closed and is the same as the trade at the bottom which is fairly new.

    That guadalajara offer is also 1 month ago (and the user wasn't online for 25 days anyways).


      Oh yeah, I saved that 1 bud trade a few days ago, now I see ;-)

      So the suggested price is right, isn't it? (also because the Guadalajara and Milkman offer are made a long time ago...)

        Yes looks good so far.^^