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~15 ref
Genuine Brigade Helm
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This item catched a little more attention than the Glengarry Bonnet. Proof in links. I don't own any of those (and I'm not interested, just trying to make a price range), but seems everyone's offering 8-9 keys for them and it definitely needs a range (people ask from 8 keys to buds...). I'll put the links of proofs in the comments below.

    i would imagine it being maybe 1 bils (10 keys) or a little above (12-13ish)

      I disagree. Offers like that were made close to the release and now have settled way down. I've seen common 8 keys offers, some 9 and almost no 10 (considering 1 white bills offer (and that hat is a pain to sell for 10 keys, I've waited for a week before trading it for something else) and one pure of 10 keys, and both were made close to the release)

      Forget the actual price of the brigade, in what world are bills 10 keys? They're 8 keys and commonly sold for a bit less

      Id agree with this, people are offering 16 keys for the set and peple want 8 keys flat, perfect price.

        I sold mine for 10 keys, so maybe this could go a bit higher to 8-10?

          Sold mine for 10 keys last night as well, agree it could be higher.

            Way to early. Nope

              I didnt even notice that theres a genuine brigade helm. lol

                There should be a way to mark a new price as 'hype' or 'unstable'.

                Then this could be upvoted but it would be clear to everyone that it's not gonna stay at this price and it's be a little less deceptive to people looking for a good pricecheck.

                As it is, it's too soon for me.

                  Well, the item was discovered like less than 2 days ago and people were crazy to buy it (I remember when I sold naughty crates for 2.40 each...), but right now it gets close to the current range everyone is willing to pay.

                    Not everyone, most people with common sense will wait for these to drop in price. But yes your proof shows that right now the hype puts these at a silly price range. Just wish there was a big flashing 'hype' icon that could be added and voted on haha

                  Wait, how exactly can you get this?

                  EDIT: Oh the TF2 Figures.

                    I'm not sure if it's worth supporting any price at the moment with the fact this is going to drop very sharply by this time next week, the price could have changed remarkably before this is considered for approval.

                      I saw someone offered B.M.O.C and got accepted (actually the buyer raffled the gen. brigade in [url=][/url]

                        I think the price is pretty good, but it will drop with the time like all genuines


                          I bought mine off a guy off Reddit for 8 keys. Upvoted.

                            So it's lucky for me that I sold mine for 13 keys, right?

                              link 1 offered a white bills which is valued at 10 keys

                                Try to sell it for 10 keys these days... I waited for weeks (and bumping every 30 minutes, not sleeping) and had to swap it for other hat since I couldn't get a single offer.

                                  "waited for weeks" It was released 2 days ago

                                    I'm talking about the White Bills, mate.

                                    Edit: Yeah, I forgot to clarify that I was talking about THAT hat x3

                                      Whoops, my mistake.

                                        It was mine as well, I forgot to clarify that I was talking about Bills and not Brigade :p

                                price should be 10-14 keys

                                  Totally agree with this, up vote.

                                    *caught ◔_◔

                                      I'm not touching this suggestion even with a 10ft pole.

                                        i dont know whether to vote or not, i mean it was just released but they are already being sold on the market and on op (etc), so im with snowblind.

                                          "early is better than late and having to go through 1 million suggestions. Current range fits outpost offers & steam market better than the other one so accept."