Price Suggestion
Stout Shako
Submitted by tio da sukita
~1.5 ref
Unique Stout Shako
3 votes up
48 votes down
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This suggestion was closed by [GIRL] Mr. Bucket.

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    If you want to sell anything, use the classifieds. This is for price suggestions.

      It's a joke. reference to a sfm video.

        Joke or not, easy downvote.

        Sfm video? You mean an old gmod video?

          Yeah that. I'm really stoned.

      u r fanni. 8)

        I really wish this was the case. I really do.

          There should be like, some exception for this hat.

            clever. really revolutionary joke here

              Please... refrain from doing troll suggestions. This is a warning, close this suggestion now.

              If you think there is a need for a legitimate price change, post offers of trades and sales.

                  FREE REP - andy