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~6600 keys
Unusual Team Captain Burning Flames
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Link 1:


Last one on the market sold to hyo (mr. button now). Owner wanted the things gone before holiday btw. B/o was 3800$ if we believe the comments.

"Allegedly hyo bought his for 3500 which these guys treat buds at $30 so that makes it 117 buds." rumor from Jester

Link 2:


Jagbama put his up for trade some time ago. C/O was ~120 buds but he decided to keep it.

Link 3: (link in the desc)

Old. Bought and sold for 100 pure if we belive the comments.

    Yea that's true. Rcd wanted buds only, and I clearly remember looking in his inventory to find literally 200+ buds

    Update, it seems that rcd got 110 buds exactly for his team captain. A quicksell price though.^^

    "Proof" below.


      Rich guy hat lol I dont care how much it worth...none of my business : (

        Holy **** Pomf, I wish I could vote on this... real bad.

        Proof seems so sound too :(

          Wow, you rich kids.

            Not to be rude but I don't understand how a sane person can spend $3800 on a virtual item in a video game. It doesn't even give you any gameplay attributes. Most if not all real life hats don't even cost this much. There are people in the world living on less than a dollar a week yet someone decides to go out and buy a virtual item with enough money to feed hundreds. What a pathetic society we live in.

              Well, everyone has hobbies etc. Some people like to gamble, play the lottery, go to the theater, go to pro sporting events etc. It's all entertainment.

              When I go to say a Boston Bruins game I bring at least $300. If I go to foxwoods I bring a lot more.

              Gaming is entertainment as is buying cool hats.

              Yes rcd only wanted buds. I talked to him about taking $$ and about the deal with hyo and it didnt sound like he was going to take cash. I also witnessed hyo buying up a metric ton of buds!

              I am confident that the suggested price warrants the 120 top end based on their transaction alone not to mention the 120 offer in the second link. I'm upvoting this

                Oh right, according to his backpack history he paid exactly 110 buds.



                After the keys there are 120 buds. 110 from mr. button (hyo) or ronny (hyo's bud seller).

                The other 10 are from andreasss, he sold his burning dreat knot + beams pickel + burning goggles for 10 buds to him.

                PS: It was still somekind of a quicksell.^^

                  It was kind of a quicksell. In a nutshell rcd wanted everything gone before Jan 1. hyo was going away. Buy now at price x or buy after New Year for price y.

                  Everything he sold was somewhat of a quicksell. He dropped the prices on hs last 2 hats (chieftains and tree) to get rid of them and be done with the sale.

                    Yeah thank you for transforming my thoughts into nice english sentences.^^