Price Suggestion
~6.33 ref
Unique Furious Fukaamigasa
32 votes up
54 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Elsa Payaso.

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The other one on the market that you'll find when you search it has been sold already, check his bp if you don't believe me.

    What did he sell it for? If it was in the old range then why change it?

    And more importantly how much do you want for yours?

i single piece of proof is not very convincing...not to mention this is a cancer solly hat. Downvote from me; sorry, i don't see this at 2 ref.

    I know, you can't find other proof though. Only one on the market and has an offer of 2 ref from 1 guy and another offer of a genuine war head from another.

      well, that's most likely because it's the only one on outpost, and they're offering high mounts so that other people are deterred from buying it so they can get it for themselves.

        Meaning you could sell it..? Well if this might help to upvote, if you see a dirty one out there i'll buy it for 1.66 ref. --> Has an offer of 3 ref now.

      1 on the market shouldn't set the price

      Bought mine for 2 rec a few weeks ago, I think that guy really wants it offering 2 ref, I think 1.33 may be more realistic.

        I dont See how u think here But A uncraft Hat should never go over 1.66-2.00 so i disagree

          Uncraftable Brain Bucket called. It didn't sound too happy with your statement.

            Yh ofc but not a soldier hat like this xD

              Hype. They're going away forever, so hype.

                I agree, but the price should be adjusted since you can sell for more, even if it's a hype. Anyway, the guy thats sells the fuka has a new offer of 3 ref now.

   --> Has an offer of 3 ref now.

            There are actually two on the market now.

            Okay, not sure if that BBCode link thing will work, so here's the link again: If it doesn't work, someone tell me how to do it properly... Edit: darn it, it didn't work. Nevermind that

            Anyway, I was going to downvote this, but then i noticed that the guy you listed has a C/O of 3 refined now. This could be legitimate...

              That one has already been sold. Check his bp if you don't believe me.

                On the other hand, I would buy any furious fukaamigasa's for 1.66 ref immediately. For all of you, let me know if you sell one.