Price Suggestion
Strange Minigun
Submitted by Punishment_Fatal
~39.72 ref
Strange Minigun
116 votes up
55 votes down
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In link 1, the seller's selling for around 8 ref. In link 2, the seller's selling for 2 keys + 1 ref. Considering keys are around 3.33, the seller is pricing it at 7.66. In link 4, the seller is selling it for 2 keys + 1.66. Again with considering that keys are around 3.33, he's pricing it at 8.33. In link 5, the seller was selling the Minigun for 3 keys, and it looks as if it has sold. In this link, , the seller is asking for 3 keys. Also in this link, , this seller is also asking for around 3 keys. This guy on the other hand, , is asking for around 7 ref. Another link for 7 ref, . Without any Strange parts or being sold in a Strange set, the Minigun is very hard to find for around 6 ref.

" - sold 2 for 7ref -sold 1 for 7ref, 3 unsold - unsold for 7ref - unsold over 1 month for 2 keys - C/O 7ref

many unsold for 2keys1ref, sales for 3keys related to strange parts attached. Maybe 7-8 is possible" Quote from architeK. Thank you very much for that. I've decided to lower my suggestion from 7-9 ref to 7-8 ref.

    going to agree with this miniguns are really common and should be less

      You realize that he's raising the price?

      And that rarity doesn't determine price in most cases?

        whoops was looking at previous

      you can still easily post your trade up and buy it for 6 ref

        " - unsold over 1 month for 2 keys"

        thats my trade I´ve sold 2 today for that price idk how you say unsold for 1 month...

          Its because you never say how many, you just leave it there. Gotta give some indication of how successful you are.

          one question: why people don't buy cheaper botkillers? i can't see how it's finding buyers at this price

            Botkiller miniguns are ugly.

              This. I'd far rather have a regular minigun than any of the horrible looking botkillers. The only time having a botkiller might be desirable over the regular version is if it's somewhat themed. (ex: blood knife for the spy, blood wrench for the engie, gold sticky launcher for the demo)

                yea. i specially hate the carbon, diamond, rust and silver ones.

                Some wrenches, scatters are ok as botkillers but the minigun with a robot head looks horrible.

              Because botkillers are bad.

              The only time I'd want a botkiller would be, say, a Gold Botkiller Wrench to go with my gold engi set, or a carbonado to go with a Black set (if I had one), etc. I've only got one because I dont feel like trying to sell the thing.

              Yes, i said maybe possible. No guarantee. But i checked all 6 seller pages yesterday and the trades i found were at 7, what doesn`t mean buyers for 6 aren`t succesful. And today there are 3 pages more. Anyway have to go now.

                You do realize that this will be rereleased in a future crate, right, folks?

                  You do realize that I'm currently laughing at how irrelevant your comment is, right, sir?

                  We're voting on the current price, not what we think the price will be in the future.

                  I see you linked to my trade, well someone didn't actually pay 8 ref, but they gave me a genuine potato hat (before value went down) plus a ref, so basicly an equal value item plus a ref

                    While the proof is decent, there is a lot of uncertainty with its re-release in the #56 or #57 crate. If Valve continues the cycle, which it most likely will, it's bound for re-release in the near future. This causes uncertainty, which prevents people from investing in these weapons. Overall, neutral.