Price Suggestion
Stout Shako
Submitted by Hex: Totem
~1.5 ref
Unique Stout Shako
14 votes up
59 votes down
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This suggestion was closed by [GIRL] Mr. Bucket.

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I want to agree, put no proof. So~

    .......what..? Don't believe I've heard the meme.

        So there is a demoman using a pan as his melee, and he goes around trying to sell a soldier hat for 1.33 refined.

          no... 2 refine.

            I'm joking. Anyhow Demopan not being able to sell for 2 refined after confronting so many people is good counterproof.

          seems legit

          I can't hit the downvote button hard enough.

              So much cancer, ugh

                You have no idea how many times this exact suggestion has been recommended.

                EDIT: just counted this EXACT suggestion has been recommended 7 times

                  How could have I missed all of them? O_o

                  Banana hammer

                    "Also, because of the internet meme, many people consider this to be the correct price."

                    They're not serious, it's just a joke, no one would pay 2 refine for a stout shako.