Price Suggestion
~2.25 keys
Strange Festive Buff Banner
47 votes up
17 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by -».•´Puddilicious`•.«-.

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It doesn't matter what people want, It only matters what they sell for.

    But if people want 6 keys, then it should not be more then that

      Well some want to sell it for that price. So it does matter.

        to clarify i'm not against the low end of 6 keys, however the 7 key sellers appear to have had no bites. (Also, some proof showing that they dont sell for more would be nice).

      Someone added me to sell one of these and was willing to go down to 5 keys on it. Some still do go for more so I will stay neutral. Especially with 3 S.F. Buff Banner suggestions right now.

        More proof.


        [url][/url] (Sold for just over 7 keys in items and metal. Consider it an overpay)

        [url][/url] (S. Holiday Punch valued at 4 keys on, buyer wants to buy for S. Holiday + 2 keys, seller wants to sell S. Holiday + 2 keys + 2 ref)

        [url][/url] (2 sellers with price of 7 keys)