Price Suggestion
~2.39 ref
Unique Winter Wonderland Wrap
257 votes up
173 votes down
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Just because you bought it for 3 ref doesn't represent the entire TF2 Market

1 trade isn't enough proof.

    Need more than just 1 trade to prove your point.

    And it still sells for 2 keys.

      I bought one for crates 9+21+54, then sold it for a naughty key: I did not look at pricing sites/other trades before buying/selling, so my experience may not be good proof either way.

        just got another+2 ToD tickets for 4ref on a trade server, I have no idea why this still has such high value

        Just sold two for 3 Key ea. Now more 2 to go.

          I sold my extra for 6.33, and i keep getting offers on the one im keeping...I dont think this would be a good evaluation of its price,

            That a SERIOUSLY --> [color="red"]VOTE DOWN[/color] u can`t craft that item yet and only can have it uncrating!!! [color="orange"]**FACE PALM**[/color]

              Judging from the abundance of good items in your backpack. I can say your a troll. :D

                What does your comment with my opinion? child

                  Dat Grammar, it destroys my brain cells.

              keep at 2 keys if you keep lowering prices soon you will lose profiet

                If I were to go by uncrate rate, this should have a slight margin of value over Der Wintermantel, at best. Heck the ugliest item in the crate (Heavy's Hockey Hair) has a lower drop margin than both.

                  for some reason the link doesn't work for me ---->

                    Sold mine for 1 key hardly on trade server !!

                    They are going down till christmas after it they may rise back

                      downvote, its still worth the 2 key price,

                        I bought one for 1 key, i think this price is fair.

                            Really really easy to buy and sell for two keys. Downvoted.

                              Easy downvote

                                Its defiantly going down. I sold both of mine for 1 key fairly easyily but they can still probably go for 2 keys if your lucky. Dont think its that low yet. Correct me if i'm wrong. And the trades i did took place a few days ago just for additional info.

                                  It should be worth at least 2 keys. Possibly 3. It is way better than all the other winter hats.

                                    yea, this makes more sense