Price Suggestion
~47.72 ref
Strange Gold Botkiller Rocket Launcher Mk.II
8 votes up
69 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Elsa Payaso.

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You can't use another spreadsheet as proof....

This isn't a reskin of the spreadshit.

    As if the spreadsheet link wasn't bad enough.

      Spreadshit sucks.It is not a proof.

        Guys, didn't you know was made just so it could be a reskin of the spreadsheet??

          Hey, here's a pro-tip for you! DON'T use Spreadsheet as a proof in

            A better tip, don't use it at all. There's a reason why the admin of the spreadshit is a marked scammer.

              Exactly, everyone here hates spreadshit.

              Learn to read the damn rules and this won't happen.

                Best proof ever

                  The amount of [ insert substantive here ] is too damn high!

                      Hey guys, lets go to spreadsheet and reskin their website.

                        Trying to quote the blogspot spreadsheet?

                        BURN THE HERETIC!

                          iz gud deel