Price Suggestion
~3.5 keys
Strange Holy Mackerel
99 votes up
9 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Elsa Payaso.

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Comments buyer-reverse bid-10keys buyer-s.f.mackeral+2ToD tickets(means regular may be worth more) buyer-reverse bid-8keys buyer-reverse bid-9keys+2ref seller-9keys seller-10keys seller-10keys seller-10keys buyer-reverse bid-10keys buyer-reverse bid-bills+3.11ref

just following the trend I and others set, this mackerel. Upvoted.

    Just bought one for a salvaged 40 today, which is about 9-10 keys so absolutely upvote


      Proof is provided and looking into it, this is a fair price range.

        Great job on your first accepted suggestion, keep it up!