Price Suggestion
Festive Grenade Launcher
Submitted by de wey
~7.72 ref
Unique Festive Grenade Launcher
385 votes up
233 votes down
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This suggestion was closed automatically because another price suggestion was accepted instead.

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Upvoting purely because I just sold 1 for 2 keys in about 5 mins

    while 1.5 - 2 keys is a good start:D

      I agree, it's just usually people won't vote up without proof, i'd post my trade but no one ever replies they just add me before it sells :)

    Selling it for offers. A guy offered me 1 naughty key so... Upvote

      This actually seems like a good starting price for it, compared to all the other suggestions.

        get some proof links i think it s no problem, the price is quite good

          when my connection work well i justify my downvote... (people sell it for 1 key)

              2-3 i would say

                I got multiple offers for 2.33 when buying all of the Festives.

                  definetly not there are lots of them unsold for 1 key

                    Upvote, just sold one for 2 keys no problem.


                      for mee it`s too high, the price should settle at around 1key. Prooved in the first comment.

                        where is the proof?

                          Sounds about good.

                            These are worth a key max right now.

                              Easy to buy/sell for key

                                Problem with new items is that by the time the vote finishes, the price has already dropped. So that price was valid yesterday and yet today it's too high because they're selling at 1 key now.

                                  I'm not sure about this one... I just sold mine for a naughty key about 5 minutes before this post, but I can already tell this may drop in the coming days; the event is still early after all. Perhaps 1-2 keys would be a better price range?

                                    While the commenters are providing the proof, the fact that the suggester didn't provide any proof himself is an instant downvote.