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This suggestion was accepted 5 years ago by [GIRL] Mr. Bucket.

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CURRENT: - 1.77 ref - 1.66 ref - 2 ref - 1.66 ref - 2 ref - 1.66 ref (1 sold already) - 1.66 ref - 1.66 ref

SOLD: - Sold for 2 ref - Sold for 2 ref - Sold for 1.66 ref - Sold for 1.66 ref - Sold for 1.88 ref

Definitely worth upvoting this price.

You only see them go for 1.33 when people are either:

a) quickselling

b) using spreadsheet @ blogspot

The market trend seems to be equally split between sales at 1.66 and 2.00 refined. Doesn't go for more than 2.00 or much less than 1.66 (occasional 1.33-1.55 seller).

Definitely an upvote from me, until someone can provide me with some substantial evidence that disagrees with what I've already put here.

    How do you find the time to do this, and how do you do this so fast?

      hes obviously a wizard

        Wizards!? What!? Magic!?

        Who said anything about magic!?

          Mark Rosewater did.

          Also, this makes me wish I had time to do anything but pybro. It's to the point at which I main my Homewrecker, simply because unless you are making the odd pick, it's not gonna make a difference. Plus, the enemy medics are delightfully confused, and often call out "Wait, what? Homewrecker?"

    Just a newbcake will sell these for 1.33 refined, those easily sell for 1.66 and even at 2 refined. Ill upvote