Price Suggestion
~13 keys
Strange Festive Scattergun
68 votes up
3 votes down

This suggestion was accepted 5 years ago by neverclever but another suggestion has been accepted since.

The price listed on this suggestion is no longer valid. Check out the newer accepted suggestion for this item.

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Buyer at 45 keys


^^^ Pays 45 keys, look at bttom comment heres a quick look

Seller who sold at 40 keys


^^^ He had it up for 3 weeks before takinng his best offer of 40 and the offer for quick look the history for quick look

Sellers Selling at 46 Keys


Seller Selling @ 48 keys


Sellers Unsuccessful selling for 2 buds as b/o


^^^^ interesting as he dropped his price. Most likely from seeing everyone else trying for only 2 buds



No b/o so no idea where to place. Best offer is 2 BMOC + 5 keys ~39 keys at best (2 weeks old Trade)

^^ trying for 2 buds + 3 keys lower then current range.



They aren't selling for more then 2 buds.

They get sold for less. 1.5-1.7 Buds usually.

They dont even sell at 2 buds. Im being conservative and moving down slowly so i wont get some angry rude people yelling at me cause they own it.

    Sounds reasonable. Upvote.

      gg sf weps

        omg i hav 1 i dun want 2 drop so downvote :(

        Just kidding, I couldn't care less. Good proof, upvote.

          lol you actually have one.

            But of course ^^ It's my pride and joy. Still don't care about the change though :P

              Yea im hoping for them to repeat in this years x-mas crates. I would love a set of strange festives. i used to have the s.f. rocket launcher. and that thing was my pride and joy.

                I kinda like the thought of the rarity, so I'm leaning towards having them not repeat. Also, you sell the rocket?

                  Yea i sold it while ago at their peak. 2 s machinas. 1 with headshots, airborne enemies killed, and domination kills. and gave the second to my friend for free

                    Wow, you're a pretty cool dude to your friend ^^ Also, nice trade. All very good parts.

                      Well i know him so it was whatever lol

                      yea those in my opinion are the only parts you need for the machina. everything is pretty lame. (to me)

                        Very true. Well I wish you luck on your suggestion and it was nice talkin' with ya.

          Every Time I See One Of Your Suggestion All I Can See Is This. Anyways Proof Is Good, You Have My Metaphorical Upvote.

            Sorry about the caps. but i figured it out its like typing out a title you cap the major words

              Eh, I guess I could give you that because that sounds somewhat reasonable.