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3 ref is a easy sell. ( my trade )

Sold 41 keys in two day at 3ref. I'm getting more keys today, so I will keep you updated on the 3ref price per key.

Current range reflects the market:)

    Post some real evidence of you selling the keys, anyone can make up descriptions you know.

      Owell... since you ask... - whole album

      Yes, anyone can make up descriptions, but i don't:), thanks for your time!

        You can go home ladies and mentlegen. Soundtrack has shown you that keys can still sell for 3 refined.

          While that may be true, does one link automatically disprove it? No. He might be having success with his trades, but from what I see on Outpost, there are not a lot of offers budging from 3 ref, and you have to go out of your way to find one. It implies a possible slowdown in demand for keys.

              many sales are made at 3 refined, i can testify on this

                Current range is fine, downvoted

                There are places to trade besides outpost you know.

                edit: To address this - "It implies a possible slowdown in demand for keys." We don't predict trends, we report current market status. When it slows down, prices here will reflect that.


          Just sold 51 keys for 3ref since i post this comment. I hope this clarifies that the current range is fine!

          Agreed. I just bought a key for 2.88 within seconds of posting the trade. 3 ref is way too much greed for a key

          EDIT: Just bought another in few minutes of posting this

          Its fairly easy to buy keys @2.88. Only those who want keys like in immediate 1 minute buy for 3 ref

            Bit of selective picking of links, I'll give you mine:

   (buying for 2.88)

   (buying for 2.88)

   (buying for 2.88)

   (buying for 2.88)

   (buying for 2.88)

            That was just the first 2 pages. Some are bulk buyers. I don't see why I should sell keys for 2.77 if I owned some.

              I searched through about 10 pages of outpost, and I saw one of 6 things:

              1. Unsuccessful trades, with most being vocal about paying 3 ref for a key

              2. Keys selling for lower than 3 ref and selling like hotcakes

              3. Trades that have had little to no traffic since the last price was accepted 3 days ago

              4 Traders actually relenting and actually selling for lower than 3 ref.

              5 Trades open for 8+ hours and nothing posted on the page

              6. Keys not being sold because items are being offered instead of metal.

              I had to actually look for successful trades for 3 ref, and from what I have seen from the looks of it, traders are NOT BUDGING from lower than 3 ref in the majority of the trades. IT's like trying to find a needle in a haystack to locate a successful one, and from the looks of it, I only saw about 10-12 on those pages that had comments supporting they were sold for 3 ref.

                  Because not many people respond to 3 ref trades.....check out their backpack histories if you want to know...

                  current range is accurate, also [url][/url]

                    You would be wise to not use that website while trying to prove me wrong. base64 meant for that to be an indicator for the averages for prices, and NOT, I repeat, NOT as the Holy Scriptures. You also don't care that there are people on outpost that will not budge from anything lower than 3 ref for the most part.

                      people sell successfully @ 3 ref

                      2.77 is extremely hard to find

                      hence the current rage is accurate

                    3 is an incredibly easy sell...I've sold close to 40 at 3 ref.

                      3 out of those 5 links are already sold. I'm going to have to downvote on this one. I don't like the fact that they're so expensive but it's the market price, I don't decide that.

                          The least we can do is keep it away from being 3 refined, like people said 3000 times before, 3 refined for a key is bull****.

                            The links in the commenst and some of your links, show keys are still traded for 3 ref.