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This suggestion was closed automatically because another price suggestion was accepted instead.

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I wonder which one will be accepted, the moderator's suggestion or Ufoafter's suggestion. I'm just so unsure. :3

    I could be wrong. I didn't accept the other because this seemed closer to me. It's too early to set a price to be honest, but either one of these seems to be the closest one.

    I didn't want to close the other one and suggest this so I left it open for people/other admins to decide.

      Well that's a case where a moderator has at least an advantage which the other user don't have. I just wanted to point that out.

      Anyways link 2 c/o is now: White Bills + 3 keys | Bills + 4 keys

      So you could be wrong. ;)

        Of course I could be wrong. I just thought this was a more accurate price.

        Also, that offer is around 12-13. Maybe 10 keys is too low indeed.