Price Suggestion
~48 keys
Unusual Charmer's Chapeau Searing Plasma
18 votes up
9 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by A Distinctive Lack of Vincent.

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I would suggests that you should write the comment in a Notepad/Microsoft office, or some kind of document. Much easier, and people can see the comment instantly after you suggest it. Instead of waiting for the comment :D

    Thanks for the suggestion. After this I completely agree with you.

    The most recent sale was about a week ago. It went for one Earbuds + one clean Max's Severed Head + an unpainted Bill's Hat + 15 keys. The buyer (Alfonze) was kind enough to tell me this himself on my trade (see the latest hidden post by Creepist at my trade in Link 1). I would call that about 3.8 pure Earbuds. The buyer was rather determined to get it (bought from Link 2's owner) so I think that its high-end value is somewhere around here.

    As for a lower value, I really can't give an explicit example of a recent sale since these hats are rare, so I'm choosing three Earbuds because I've been offered it a few times (here's a getting-old trade of mine with the first visible offer being three for a quick trade: [url][/url]). The only other one that has been traded recently in the public eye is the duplicated one from Link 3. Unfortunately I can't find the actual amount that it traded for, but I can say that it quickly went to Link 4 then Link 5 and is no longer in the market.

    So that's all that I have to say. To view more offers feel free to see my past trades (I was having a busy work time during those so I kept pulling them down and waiting before re-posting). Please feel free to give feedback and make suggestions. This is my first price suggestion and I welcome criticism/opinions about it. Have I included enough research? Should I avoid suggesting prices for rare hats or is this an ideal start?

      As XisTeNcE said, The thing other suggesters have recommeneded is to tab all your links and then write everything up in a word doc before suggesting, I still have only done 1 suggestion so i can't talk much, I also don't have that much experience in the unusual market but I like to think my common sense from the rest of the economy transfers over.

      This would put this a bit above stormy (which isn't that uncommon I don't think), and there have been recent suggestions for stormy turned down because 3 buds b/o's exist for it, but also, there are more then 3x as many stormy's than searing, and 5x as many on the market, so that may have something to do with it, and on a personal note, I would believe searing to be a nicer fit with this hat then stormy.

      I think you've done enough research, at least, I can't find any more information to really add that you haven't, It would be nice to know exactly what happened in links 3-5 but whatcha gonna do.

      Anywho, good suggestion, Hopefully somebody else will show up with some contribution to this.

        Regarding your first paragraph. You are correct sir. That is the smartest thing to do.

        Massive Price change your suggesting, maybe this is because you have this hat in your Inventory? Sorry but DOWNVOTE