Price Suggestion
~24 keys
Unusual Outdoorsman Flaming Lantern
12 votes up
2 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted 5 years ago by [GIRL] Mr. Bucket.

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You linked the same hat......Please link the post the hat sold in.

Yeah the Outdoorsman has really dropped off in popularity. I've been having a lot of difficulty moving my Cauldron Bubbles Outdoorsman too.

Somehow Irish is to blame, I just know it.

    Ha. Maybe.

    I think in yours when you said price is firm you scared off the offers a bit. Better to have the offers come in and just reply low to show interest. You set the B/O right away.

    You gotta be kidding me, a flaming lantern for 1.3?

    Whats next, burning for 1 bud + sweets?

      I hear you. One trade makes the market I guess. Time to stop watching the backpack value go up and down and just buy what you like. Even if its moved off of that one link he won't sell there. No one would.