Price Suggestion
~1.39 ref
Unique Itsy Bitsy Spyer
45 votes up
3 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by [GIRL] Mr. Bucket.

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I'm not even going to bother listing the ones that are unsold at 3 Refined or more.

Unsold at 1 Key: (He says "Spreadsheet", which lists it as 1 key) (Also says "Spreadsheet") (no craft #) (no craft #) (no craft #)

Unsold at 2.66 Refined: (no craft #) (no craft #) (He says "2.66 or 1 key") (same as the previous guy) (Also says "2.66 refined or 1 key)

Unsold at 2.55 Refined: (Technically he says "1 Key or 2.55 each")

Unsold at 2.44 Refined:

Unsold at 2.33 Refined: (my trade)

Unsold at 2.22 Refined: (no craft #)

Sold at 2.33 Refined (apparently):

Sold at 1 Key... 4 weeks ago. Read it. 4 weeks.

Everybody buys at 1.33-1.66.

Some findings:

Trade by same person, but are different spyers (both changed owners) 1 keys each, owner seems to have lots of spyer to sell.

Next: - 2.22 ref, 6 days ago - 2.33 ref, 2 days ago - 2.66 ref, 4 days ago

These things just doesn't move very well, seller can't do anything but put their sales up while buyers decide who to patronage.