Price Suggestion
~15.17 ref
Strange Liberty Launcher
267 votes up
49 votes down
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Sold one for 1 ref quickly on a trade server. I'm ok with this.

    Thanks for your comment =(e)= Redninjaa22, even 1 ref for this item is considered cheap and people will buy them without bothering to look for a better offer because it is hard to find anyone who will sell them at the lowest mentioned price of 0.66.

      It must be that time of the month for Liberty Launchers to go back up in price.

      See previous suggestion for explanation.

        yes, 0.66 is quite low, and the demand for it is rising.

        I sell it for 1.33 :]

          Which proves the point that 1.33 is quite a legit price right now :D

          On WH it's still less than 1 ref and stocks are close to full.

          time to hoard them :P

          I'm neutral now.

            lol you are right

            I haven't managed to buy this for 0.66 ref in a while. Upvoted.

              Thanks for the support!

              I got one for 2 rec a few days ago but it was definitely a challenge. I'll upvote this.

                Thanks for the support!

                Recently sold one for 1.33 ref. Upvoted.

                  Thanks for the support!

                  Was looking for one quite a long time. Eventually bought one for 1.33 ref.


                    Thanks for the support!

                    I had a spare craft hat and i wanted this thing, bought one.

                    It took ~2 hours for someone to come to me. This shows that this is a good price, maybe even more in the future.

             b/o 1 ref

             b/o 1 ref (multiple)

             b/o 1 ref (multiple)

             b/o 1 ref

                      etc... as much as I'd like to agree with your price range, the 1.33 end point is just not accurate. I can find some for sale at 1 ref or under in the first page of my search seems to indicate the current price is still valid.