Price Suggestion
~22.28 ref
Strange Scattergun
82 votes up
32 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by -».•´Puddilicious`•.«-.

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If we look at links from the last pricing, we see that these 2 ref sellers are all or just about done selling. 2 ref 2 ref 2 ref 2 ref

I think 2 ref is definitely doable.

And yes, I do own one; it's not for sale. But do you really think one rec is going to make much of a difference in terms of profit for me?

    W/e the price is it's still too much for my blood.

      I think about three fiddy is a much more reasonable price

        I have sold one for key. Didn't know it went down so much.... Oops XD

          Definitely agree. Heck I'd put it at 1.66-2 ref right now. Had a trade open today for about an hour trading a S. Scatter for some stranges in the 1.33-2 range and got 4 friend reqs in that time and 2 more after I sold it. 2 ref wouldn't be a stretch at all imo. It's still one of the most popular stranges out there imo, demand will always be high.

            I just got one for 1.33 yesterday, but honestly I've been looking for around 5 days now and it's true, not a lot of people want to go below 2 ref.

              Several sellers shifting them at 1.66, only the misinformed seem to buy for 2 refined, disagree.

                I ended up buying one for 2.22. That was lucky, one guy wanted 2 keys.

                  Too many people asking 2 refined. 1.66 to 1.33 is just fine. The price ought to be lowered, given how common it has become.