Price Suggestion
Strange Shotgun
Submitted by Baloo
~25.5 ref
Strange Shotgun
56 votes up
34 votes down
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Been selling these for 4.33 each somewhat successfully. Downvote.

    @ Ace of Crates

    I went back and did some checking on the upper bound price, probably should have moved that rather than the lower bound. I'll leave it up for now though since I think this price range has some legitimacy for the time being. Someone will probably change it back or higher as soon as this one is closed or accepted, either way. I just hope for the love of god that they use proof.

      If these have been bought for 4 ref, then price needs to be same

        I get 4-5 ref for mine when i come across them... 3.66-4 is more accurate than your suggestion from my experience. Your first 2 suggestions are closed, no longer available after half a day on outpost. Gotta be a DV from me through experience

          This score is probably a bunch of downvotes, one of the only price suggestions I regret making. Anyways yes, I should have raised it, but I'm going to be a mann about it and stick this suggestion through to the end...hopefully I don't get like -100 rep by then.

            None of your links support a price drop to 3.33.