Price Suggestion
~17.94 ref
Strange Rocket Launcher
262 votes up
28 votes down
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This suggestion was closed by A Distinctive Lack of Vincent.

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Sellers on outpost will always ask more for something. I don't think the price is going to go up so soon, as a large number of strange rocket launchers are available (20 pages on outpost, all bumped within the last hour).

    Over-overstocked for less than a ref on Warehouse. This will take a long time to make a comeback, as there are so many crates available for next to nothing.

      Overstocked, yes. Downvoted.

          maybe when crate 44 does retire, but until then a massive downvote.

            Shrimp, love the citing of classified prices, nice one :)

              thank god that i brought 1 for 1 ref before the retiring of that crate.

                I've already sold a few for 1.33.

                  Its price will rise in the future. Perhaps we should leave this price suggestion for said future.

         20 full pages within the past 45 minutes alone








                  All 1 ref rocket launchers within the past 5 minutes alone. Anything pricing above 1 refined is going to be ignored for a long while now, barring an insane amount of luck. I'd say 1 ref stands as the most reasonable max price, it'll be MUCH easier to buy for a little less than it'd be to sell for a little more. I don't think the upper range here can be justified.