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~5.3 keys
Strange Holy Mackerel
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37 votes down
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honestly, i think that last price change was completely horrendous. i've personally sold more than 10 just thru outpost (which doesn't even show the random adds that i lost count of) at 15 keys each.

The last price change listed one link that was a bunch of crate 40s, my trade with all the sales, and another that sold within the same day. Not sure why that was considered solid evidence to lower the price from what seems to be everyone's standard price of 15. Literally NObody sells for 13.

    You are a bulk seller of them charging more than they are worth, why was the last price change horrendous? Because you have 5 of em in your backpack and cant get more for ea fish?

      at the time of my post (and yours) i had two of them in my backpack. last two i'm going to have. you're proving that they are valued at 15 by saying that bulk sellers are selling at that price, and people are buying them up. typically that's how it works, with single sellers undercutting bulk sellers on random sales (giving the 14 in the range of this) up to the buyouts of the ambitious single sellers (giving the 16 range).

      the fact that nobody actually sells for 13 or less unless it's for fast cash or they aren't aware of the market, and the fact that the links provided were not actually evidence of your suggestion (rather, they're evidence of THIS suggestion) is why i thought it was no good.

      not to mention, YOU YOURSELF have one for sale at 15 keys as we speak. heh.

        What does me having one for sale have to do with this? If anything Id want the price raised to 14-16 keys so that I can raise its price by 2 keys. There are currently multiple unsold fish at 13-14, no way can it be stated that 14 is the LOWER BOUND of its pricing. And you are incorrect in how bulk sellers work, they usually charge OVER the actual price for the convience, aka people with 10+ buds selling buds 29 keys ea, while current market price is 27-28 keys.

          Well, you didn't post any evidence of what you're saying. You posted my thread, a bunch of salvaged crates, a sale that went at 15, and something else. I can't find evidence of any unsold for more than a day at 13-14 there.

   15 key buyout and the only offer is 14. Dude you should link to trades supporting what you say, not to search.

              Last price change shouldn't have happened. So yeah, per my previous suggestion.


                Pages and pages of these unsold at 15 keys. I see no reason to include 16 keys within the price range.