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The Pomson 6000
Submitted by Q
~0.05 ref
Unique Pomson 6000
2 votes up
6 votes down
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eh, im not sure... it could be good...

    No doubt any weapon can be sold for a scrap, that's why scrap bankers exist. But, it's still a common weapon and doesn't deserve a price raise.

      According to, it's not that common of an item compared to other items owned by players, here are a couple of examples:

      Out of 2,526,386 inventories,

      42.62% of players own a Razorback,

      42.34% own a Kritzkrieg,

      31.32% own a Frying Pan,

      25.71% own a Degreaser,

      20.09% own a Half-Zatoichi,

      while only 8.77% own a Pomson 6000.

      It's still a very popular weapon and it's in demand.