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Genuine AWPer Hand
Submitted by The Sin 罪
~1.2 keys
Genuine AWPer Hand
56 votes up
44 votes down
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Not tradable - no stable price

    Ya, I think in the end it will end up costing ~2 keys (5 ref)

      2 keys sounds realistic. I see more with 3 key offers though. No real way to tell if the trades have actual worked out because, well, you can't trade these yet. I have a 6 key offer though (I don't know what the guy is thinking xD)

        I think 1 ref sounds realistic.. looks how many exist.

          I would say yes for 1,75-2 keys, as I see

            Not tradable but the promo end tomorrow and there's currently 8200 items.

              If the number doesn't go above that of the Genuine Maul, then shouldn't the price be around a similar range?

              I mean, the Maul IS the rarest Genuine weapon up until the AWPer Hand was released right?

                no stable price at most i could think is 3 keys or 4.

                  5 ref seems too high to me, considering that CS:GO is selling a lot. Of course, a lot of people who bought it hate TF2 and will never play, but I think a price of about 3 ref is fairer.

                    Its another sniper rifle to the game. Until you can add head-shot kills to a genuine weapon this will always come in like other Genuines. High price early but no reason this and the G. Machina don't share a similar number.

                      I'm thinking 1.5-2 keys.

                        Someone on my trade has an offer of 3 keys and a ref, not sure if that's higher than others or not

                          Seriously, that high for a weapon resking? I was thinking on the lines of 2-3 ref.

                            5 ref seems a little bit much for a stock reskin, isn't it?

                            I think that 4 ref or less would work.

                              It's not just a stock reskin, though - it's a reskin which makes makes your Sniper Rifle look like one of the most iconic video game weapons ever.

                                Couldn't reskin also be said the same for the Maul as well? It's also a reskin of the homewrecker apparently.

                                  >Must have pre-purchased to get

                                  >Can't pre-purchase anymore

                                  >Pre-purchase costs $13.49

                                  >Bill's go for $10 dollars

                                  5 ref wtf is wrong with you people lol

                                    The preorder bonus wasn't available very long, nowhere near as long as many other games (sleeping dogs etc) so I think around 3 keys is what the genuine awp will even out to be.

                                      @ TriTex- YOU DON'T PREORDER A GAME TO GET THE TF2 ITEM ONLY, DUH?

                                        You however don't get the game, so it's illogical to think it should be anywhere close to the price of the game.

                                          Not to mention it's a weapon that's going to have crafted versions eventually. Alternately, since Valve seems to enjoy selling promos now, it'll end up in there.

                                            3 key,at least for now.Might be rise,since it is a gun from cs,after all.

                                              15000~exist so i think 1 key is a really fair price look how many fragment/sun on a stick exist it's arround a key

                                                2-4 key., tradeable in week ?

                                                  Not tradeable cant have price no just no

                                                    Typicall valve promo .. it will end up being 1-2 ref soon heh hehh

                                                      I've been offered items worth over 4 keys on this, this price is more than adequate.

                                                        No price should be set on these until they are tradable. I want to avoid having people gift wrap these as much as possible.

                                                          offers will be higher as its all new, once they are all claimed though i'm guessing on around 40-50k of these and price should line up with the genuine machina.