Price Suggestion
~1.66 ref
Vintage Pyrovision Goggles
35 votes up
46 votes down
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Your speculation means nothing. Sparse at 453,375 Vintage Pyrovision Goggles no, diluted absolutely.

    People are selling this for even less than 2 rec, plus this item is TOO common. Sorry, I'd say it's not 0.88

      I'm not seeing it either.

        I buy quite a few of them at 2 scrap each... I've bought 5 for 2 scrap each so far. a normal price would be .33-.66 ref.

          I would love to see a person that's voting for it state their reasons here to see if the OS (original suggester)'s theory can be explained better and we're all wrong or for some other reason.

            Gonna disagree as well. There are just far too many with no real demand. I have 4 of them and would always like for the price to go up, but it's probably even too high at .66. Everyone can still always get the achievement item if they REAAALLLY want it, so it only matter to collectors.. which have 450,000+ to choose from.

              Easy to by for 1-2 rec

                These are about as common as gibuses. I would say they are worth 1 rec let alone 2 rec

                  this guy is just trying to increase the value of his backpack, look at all the suggestions he has opened


                      The reason this item is getting so many upvotes is the exact reason it shouldn't be upvoted at all.

                      Nearly everybody has it.

                        No, if anything it should go down in price. They are not rare.