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    • 1.11 ref Unique Frontier Flyboy 56 Gifted
    The Frontier Flyboy
    Listed 2 days ago by cosmo kramer

    selling for at least 1 ref

    • 1.22 ref Unique Frontier Flyboy 30 Halloween Drop
    The Frontier Flyboy
    Listed 2 days ago by MeeFa | trade.tf

    only pure

    • 1.66 ref Unique Frontier Flyboy 20 Halloween Drop
    The Frontier Flyboy Selling 2x
    Bumped 2 hours agoListed 4 days ago by Impressive - trade.tf

    Please, use TRADE OFFERs. Price is firm. I am processing your OVERPAY in items - manually. Lightning button means that your PURE correct offer being accepted automatically in a few seconds! Thanks!

    • 3 ref Unique Frontier Flyboy 31 Gifted
    The Frontier Flyboy
    Bumped 21 minutes agoListed 5 days ago by idlexxx trade.tf bot

    Selling for the listed price. use trade offers, please don't add me. enjoy

    • 5 ref Unique Frontier Flyboy 28 Gifted
    The Frontier Flyboy
    Listed 4 days ago by Vynloth

    24/7 Accept pure or overpay

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    • 0.44 ref Unique Frontier Flyboy
    The Frontier Flyboy
    Bumped 24 minutes agoListed 1 month ago by ⚡ ArGus ⚡ [⇄]

    ⚡ [24/7 Trade Bot] ⚡ Auto buy/sell if exact pure! ⚡ No trade holds! ⚡ You can get your items instantly! ⚡ Trade offers only. ⚡ Change in metal is accepted! ⚡

    • 0.44 ref Unique Frontier Flyboy
    The Frontier Flyboy
    Bumped 30 minutes agoListed 22 hours ago by Mars Trading Bot [ϟ]

    TF2 lightning fast trading bot. - Auto accept. Always 24/7 online.



I like Flies

Sale @ 1.11

Screen Shot: https://backpack.tf/suggestion/593bccb10e2cad478541f01c

History: https://backpack.tf/item/1197523569

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~1 ref
Unique Frontier Flyboy

I like Flies

Classies on backpack.tf

Screen Shot Link: https://snag.gy/G8ZsQO.jpg

3 Buyers @ 0.88

https://backpack.tf/u/76561198309190452 - Bought

~1 ref
Unique Frontier Flyboy

1 Refined sale: http://i.imgur.com/u3sN4zw.gifv

Classifieds: http://i.imgur.com/tCwwK3o.png

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~1 ref
Unique Frontier Flyboy


Found a buyer for 0.22

~1 ref
Unique Frontier Flyboy

"harry still suggests on **** he isnt buying?"

Seller for one scrap


All other valid sellers want