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Sell Orders

    • 0.55 ref Unique Can Opener 46 Halloween Drop
    The Can Opener
    Listed 4 days ago by Gardevoir is Best Waifu

    Pure only.

    • 0.66 ref Unique Can Opener 57 Halloween Drop
    The Can Opener
    Listed 5 days ago by Death Rekt

    Only Pure

    • 3 ref Unique Can Opener 59 Gifted
    The Can Opener
    Listed 2 hours ago by idlexxx trade.tf bot

    Selling for the listed price. use trade offers, please don't add me. enjoy

Buy Orders

    • 0.33 ref Unique Can Opener
    The Can Opener
    Bumped 15 minutes agoListed 4 weeks ago by ⚡ ArGus ⚡ [⇄]

    ⚡ [24/7 Trade Bot] ⚡ Auto buy/sell if exact pure! ⚡ No trade holds! ⚡ You can get your items instantly! ⚡ Trade offers only. ⚡ Change in metal is accepted! ⚡

    • 0.11 ref Unique Can Opener
    The Can Opener
    Bumped 23 hours agoListed 1 week ago by ✌yizBot [24x6]✌

    🔁[AutoBot] I'm buying this item💲| Max time confirm 18sec🕓 | Accept hold 📴/📱 | Big stock accepting too💰



~0.61 ref
Unique Can Opener

This item is stupid, and anyone who buys it is stupid.

Seller at .55 ref:


Sale at .66 ref:


~0.61 ref
Unique Can Opener

0.66 Refined sale: http://i.imgur.com/Jg1W7wa.gifv

Classifieds: http://i.imgur.com/LLgPFyB.png



~0.61 ref
Unique Can Opener

I like Opening Cans

Classies on backpack.tf

Screen Shot Link: https://snag.gy/oPC1rx.jpg

Sellers @ 0.55 (Seller @ 0.5 Is Invalid)


~0.61 ref
Unique Can Opener
~0.61 ref
Unique Can Opener

ipad suggestions

Can Opener

Sale @ 0.44 ref


Classifieds supports raise!