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This item has only been seen as level 13.

Paint Distribution


Sell Orders

    • 6 ref Unique Apparition's Aspect 13 Purchased
    Non-Craftable Apparition's Aspect
    Bumped 7 minutes agoListed 5 days ago by A Disappointing Sandwich

    6 ref pure or 30% item overpay.

    • 4 keys Unique Apparition's Aspect 13 Purchased
    Non-Craftable Apparition's Aspect
    Bumped 1 day agoListed 1 month ago by Seekow


Buy Orders

    • 3.44 ref Unique Apparition's Aspect
    Non-Craftable Apparition's Aspect
    Bumped 13 minutes agoListed 8 hours ago by The Flash ⚡

    [⇄] 25/7 TRADING BOT! Trade offers automatically accepted within 10 seconds!



~6 ref
Unique Apparition's Aspect

Buyer at @6

Remembered the history rule this time around. Apologies for any inconvenience I caused anyone!

One unsold at 4, and a seller at 3.33 on the classies:

~6 ref
Unique Apparition's Aspect

The Aspect of a Ghost.

Classified Ads: https://gyazo.com/094d396dd79f7efcb6f1ee93da96720c

TF2 Outpost:

http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/28150032 - 1 month

~6 ref
Unique Apparition's Aspect

Classified Seller @4.66, unsold for 2 days: http://imgur.com/i9FRdM3

Outpost Seller:


http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/28155524 - 2 weeks


~6 ref
Unique Apparition's Aspect



http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/27124509 --- "backpack.tf" (6 Refined)



~6 ref
Unique Apparition's Aspect

lets bring this down even more, shall we?

http://backpack.tf/classifieds/search/uncraftable%20app 3.33 seller, 2 4 ref sellers

unsold for >4 ref: