Strange War Paint
Strange War Paint
Alien Tech Backwoods Boomstick Mk.II Bank Rolled Bloom Buffed Bomber Soul Bonk Varnished Carpet Bomber Mk.II Clover Camo'd Cool Cool Alien Tech Cool Alpine Cool Anodized Aloha Cool Bamboo Brushed Cool Bank Rolled Cool Bloom Buffed Cool Bomber Soul Cool Cabin Fevered Cool Calavera Canvas Cool Candy Coated Cool Cardboard Boxed Cool Clover Camo'd Cool Cookie Fortress Cool Cosmic Calamity Cool Crawlspace Critters Cool Croc Dusted Cool Death Deluxe Cool Dovetailed Cool Dream Piped Cool Eyestalker Cool Fire Glazed Cool Freedom Wrapped Cool Frost Ornamented Cool Frozen Aurora Cool Geometrical Teams Cool Ghost Town Cool Gift Wrapped Cool Gifting Mann's Wrapping Paper Cool Gingerbread Winner Cool Glacial Glazed Cool Gourdy Green Cool Hana Cool Haunted Ghosts Cool Hazard Warning Cool Helldriver Cool Horror Holiday Cool Igloo Cool Kill Covered Cool Kiln and Conquer Cool Leopard Printed Cool Macaw Masked Cool Mannana Peeled Cool Merc Stained Cool Miami Element Cool Misfortunate Cool Mosaic Cool Necromanced Cool Neo Tokyo Cool Organ-ically Hellraised Cool Park Pigmented Cool Party Phantoms Cool Peppermint Swirl Cool Pizza Polished Cool Piña Polished Cool Polar Surprise Cool Polter-Guised Cool Portal Plastered Cool Potent Poison Cool Quack Canvassed Cool Raving Dead Cool Sarsaparilla Sprayed Cool Sax Waxed Cool Searing Souls Cool Seriously Snowed Cool Simple Spirits Cool Skull Cracked Cool Skull Study Cool Sleighin' Style Cool Smissmas Camo Cool Smissmas Spycrabs Cool Snow Covered Cool Snow Globalization Cool Snowflake Swirled Cool Spider Season Cool Spider's Cluster Cool Spirit of Halloween Cool Star Crossed Cool Starlight Serenity Cool Swashbuckled Cool Sweet Toothed Cool Tiger Buffed Cool Totally Boned Cool Tumor Toasted Cool Uranium Cool Winterland Wrapped Cool Yeti Coated Cosmic Calamity Damascus and Mahogany Dovetailed Dragon Slayer Dream Piped Electroshocked Fire Glazed Forest Fire Mk.II Freedom Wrapped Frosty Delivery Frozen Aurora Geometrical Teams Ghost Town Hana Hazard Warning Helldriver Hot Hot Alien Tech Hot Alpine Hot Anodized Aloha Hot Bamboo Brushed Hot Bank Rolled Hot Bloom Buffed Hot Bomber Soul Hot Bonk Varnished Hot Broken Bones Hot Cabin Fevered Hot Calavera Canvas Hot Candy Coated Hot Cardboard Boxed Hot Clover Camo'd Hot Cosmic Calamity Hot Crawlspace Critters Hot Croc Dusted Hot Damascus and Mahogany Hot Death Deluxe Hot Dovetailed Hot Dream Piped Hot Electroshocked Hot Elfin Enamel Hot Eyestalker Hot Fire Glazed Hot Freedom Wrapped Hot Frost Ornamented Hot Frosty Delivery Hot Frozen Aurora Hot Geometrical Teams Hot Ghost Town Hot Gift Wrapped Hot Gifting Mann's Wrapping Paper Hot Gingerbread Winner Hot Glacial Glazed Hot Gourdy Green Hot Hana Hot Haunted Ghosts Hot Hazard Warning Hot Horror Holiday Hot Igloo Hot Jazzy Hot Kill Covered Hot Kiln and Conquer Hot Leopard Printed Hot Macaw Masked Hot Mannana Peeled Hot Merc Stained Hot Mosaic Hot Necromanced Hot Neo Tokyo Hot Neon-ween Hot Organ-ically Hellraised Hot Park Pigmented Hot Party Phantoms Hot Peppermint Swirl Hot Pizza Polished Hot Piña Polished Hot Polar Surprise Hot Polter-Guised Hot Portal Plastered Hot Potent Poison Hot Quack Canvassed Hot Raving Dead Hot Sarsaparilla Sprayed Hot Sax Waxed Hot Searing Souls Hot Seriously Snowed Hot Simple Spirits Hot Skull Cracked Hot Skull Study Hot Sleighin' Style Hot Smissmas Camo Hot Smissmas Spycrabs Hot Snow Covered Hot Snow Globalization Hot Snowflake Swirled Hot Spectral Shimmered Hot Spectrum Splattered Hot Spider Season Hot Spider's Cluster Hot Spirit of Halloween Hot Star Crossed Hot Sweet Toothed Hot Tiger Buffed Hot Totally Boned Hot Tumor Toasted Hot Uranium Hot Yeti Coated Iron Wood Mk.II Isotope Isotope Alien Tech Isotope Alpine Isotope Anodized Aloha Isotope Bamboo Brushed Isotope Bank Rolled Isotope Bloom Buffed Isotope Bomber Soul Isotope Bonk Varnished Isotope Cabin Fevered Isotope Calavera Canvas Isotope Candy Coated Isotope Cardboard Boxed Isotope Clover Camo'd Isotope Cookie Fortress Isotope Cosmic Calamity Isotope Crawlspace Critters Isotope Croc Dusted Isotope Damascus and Mahogany Isotope Death Deluxe Isotope Dovetailed Isotope Dream Piped Isotope Electroshocked Isotope Elfin Enamel Isotope Eyestalker Isotope Freedom Wrapped Isotope Frozen Aurora Isotope Geometrical Teams Isotope Ghost Town Isotope Gift Wrapped Isotope Gifting Mann's Wrapping Paper Isotope Gingerbread Winner Isotope Glacial Glazed Isotope Gourdy Green Isotope Hana Isotope Haunted Ghosts Isotope Hazard Warning Isotope Helldriver Isotope Horror Holiday Isotope Igloo Isotope Jazzy Isotope Kill Covered Isotope Kiln and Conquer Isotope Leopard Printed Isotope Macaw Masked Isotope Mannana Peeled Isotope Merc Stained Isotope Misfortunate Isotope Mosaic Isotope Mummified Mimic Isotope Necromanced Isotope Neon-ween Isotope Organ-ically Hellraised Isotope Park Pigmented Isotope Party Phantoms Isotope Peppermint Swirl Isotope Pizza Polished Isotope Polar Surprise Isotope Polter-Guised Isotope Portal Plastered Isotope Potent Poison Isotope Quack Canvassed Isotope Raving Dead Isotope Saccharine Striped Isotope Sarsaparilla Sprayed Isotope Searing Souls Isotope Seriously Snowed Isotope Simple Spirits Isotope Skull Cracked Isotope Skull Study Isotope Sleighin' Style Isotope Smissmas Spycrabs Isotope Smissmas Village Isotope Snow Covered Isotope Snow Globalization Isotope Snowflake Swirled Isotope Spectral Shimmered Isotope Spectrum Splattered Isotope Spider Season Isotope Spider's Cluster Isotope Spirit of Halloween Isotope Star Crossed Isotope Swashbuckled Isotope Sweet Toothed Isotope Tiger Buffed Isotope Totally Boned Isotope Tumor Toasted Isotope Uranium Isotope Yeti Coated Jazzy Kill Covered Macabre Web Mk.II Macaw Masked Mannana Peeled Masked Mender Mk.II Miami Element Misfortunate Mosaic Neo Tokyo Night Owl Mk.II Park Pigmented Party Phantoms Pizza Polished Polter-Guised Saccharine Striped Sax Waxed Skull Study Smissmas Camo Smissmas Village Spectral Shimmered Spectrum Splattered Star Crossed Starlight Serenity Strange Strange Cool Strange Hot Strange Isotope Tumor Toasted Uranium Winterland Wrapped Woodland Warrior Mk.II Woodsy Widowmaker Mk.II Wrapped Reviver Mk.II Yeti Coated

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This item has only been seen as level 99.


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  • 94 keys
    Strange War Paint Isotope
    Strange Isotope War Paint
    Bumped Listed by Menlymen b> keys $1.56

    Add me. Will pay more for better paints/wears.

  • 91 keys
    Strange War Paint Isotope
    Strange Isotope War Paint
    Bumped Listed by MisterBoot

    I want one (Could pay more then others)

  • 90 keys
    Strange War Paint Isotope
    Strange Isotope War Paint
    Bumped Listed by Offline

    Buying for listed price - Feel free to contact through Discord (Offline#1000)

  • 90 keys
    Strange War Paint Cool
    Strange Cool War Paint
    Bumped Listed by

    wil always pay the most

  • 86 keys
    Strange War Paint Isotope
    Strange Isotope War Paint
    Bumped Listed by human

    More depending on the skin / condition. Feel free to offer. Trade offers are prefered



~58 keys
Strange War Paint Party Phantoms;11;w1;pk294

April 07 $92.84 / $1.73 = 53.66

April 09 $92.84 / $1.73 = 53.66

April 14 $99.99 / $1.74 = 57.47

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~25.75 keys
Strange War Paint Damascus and Mahogany


~21 keys
Strange War Paint Neo Tokyo;11;w1;pk214

July 16, 2019 sold for $41.93 / 1.83 = 23 keys

This war paint consistently sells for ~23 key range,

~48 keys
Strange War Paint Fire Glazed;11;w2;pk205/Strange%20Fire%20Glazed%20War%20Paint%20(Minimal%20Wear)

December 29 sold for $76.84 = 42 keys

There is