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    • 3.66 ref Haunted Parasight 70 Found in Crate
    Haunted Parasight
    Listed 10 hours ago by boop the scoop

    Trade offers only.

    • 4.33 ref Haunted Parasight 4 Found in Crate
    Haunted Parasight Selling 2x
    Bumped 3 hours agoListed 4 weeks ago by Impressive

    Please, use TRADE OFFERs. Price is firm. I am processing your OVERPAY in items - manually. Lightning button means that your PURE correct offer being accepted automatically in a few seconds! Thanks!

    • 4.33 ref Haunted Parasight 45 Found in Crate
    Haunted Parasight
    Bumped 11 hours agoListed 1 week ago by Destiny


    • 5 ref Haunted Parasight 96 Found in Crate
    Haunted Parasight
    Bumped 23 minutes agoListed 1 month ago by Whattie 24/7 Bot

    [⇄] 24/7 TRADING BOT! // Send me a trade offer!

    • 6.66 ref Haunted Parasight 58 Found in Crate
    Haunted Parasight
    Bumped 6 hours agoListed 2 months ago by DBא

    overpay in items.-

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    • 2.77 ref Haunted Parasight
    Haunted Parasight
    Listed 5 days ago by (TCFY)★Soaring Gem★

    Buying of up to 2 at one go Fast accept :)



~3 ref
Haunted Parasight

Bleh, it's a sight alright.

-Buyers at 3 ref in the classies: https://i.gyazo.com/0826a76c6af5eab94e548fefbe7f9aa0.gif (profiles: http://backpack.tf/u/76561198056209175

~3 ref
Haunted Parasight

Countering the 2 ref suggestion.

Very small market on these, i have had it listed for around 2 weeks at 2.66 ref, reasonably well-bumped.

Buyer at 2

~3 ref
Haunted Parasight

Well bumped classifieds buyer @2: http://imgur.com/lISluH1 (7 days)

~3 ref
Haunted Parasight

Buyer for 1.66:


No sellers below. Feedback welcome.;

~3 ref
Haunted Parasight



1 x 1.33 ref

1 x 1 ref


~3 ref
Haunted Parasight

on bp.tf most classifieds range from 2-4 ref:


selling for 2 ref:


~3 ref
Haunted Parasight


Haunted Parasight


Unsold :

http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/16431720 1 day


~3 ref
Haunted Parasight

Sold For 1 Ref

http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/15827930 (1 Ref)

Selling For 1 Ref

http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/15834544 (1 Ref)

Unsold For 1.11 Ref

~3 ref
Haunted Parasight

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Market for this ... very small