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    • 11 ref Haunted Foul Cowl 95 Found in Crate
    Haunted Foul Cowl
    Listed 2 days ago by Mia the sissy conqueror
    • 24 ref Haunted Foul Cowl 15 Found in Crate
    Haunted Foul Cowl
    Bumped 6 hours agoListed 7 months ago by Stupid Sexy Saltzpyre | trade.tf

    If paying with items, +10% to price. Trade offers preferred. I'm not a bot, be patient. If I miss your offer, I might try adding you.

    • 18 keys Haunted Foul Cowl 28 Found in Crate
    Haunted Foul Cowl
    Bumped 5 hours agoListed 2 months ago by ofp

    Halloween Spell: CORPSE GRAY FOOTPRINTS. I Accept items. U can add me to discuss.

Buy Orders

    • 9 ref Haunted Foul Cowl
    Haunted Foul Cowl
    Bumped 34 minutes agoListed 3 days ago by 0A Jeyheyris [⇄]FAST
    • 5.88 ref Haunted Foul Cowl
    Haunted Foul Cowl
    Bumped 1 minute agoListed 3 weeks ago by YJSNPI Bot

    [↑↓] 24/7 TRADING BOT! // Send me a trade offer! Fast accept!



~11 ref
Haunted Foul Cowl

unsolds @ 11


13 http://imgur.com/a/F5Iw5 credit Adolf Storms



8.33 good bump, buying multiple, matured

~11 ref
Haunted Foul Cowl

Expect more spooky increases soon!

-No valid OP proof.

-Buyer at 7.66 ref on the classies: https://i.gyazo.com/8d3f67b74bf1d08dad2acaf163b30a50.gif (profile:


~11 ref
Haunted Foul Cowl


http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/21268929 (Sold for 1.66)

One other on market with a rejected offer of 1 ref. Others on market are all painted so

~11 ref
Haunted Foul Cowl


I suck at changing the price.

Thanks Hex !



1 @ 8 Unbumped

1 @ 8.66

3 @ 9

Sellers Below 9


~11 ref
Haunted Foul Cowl


Bought for 3 ref


Also had another 3 refined offer

The rest of the market

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