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    • 3 ref Haunted Dr. Gogglestache
    Haunted Dr. Gogglestache
    Bumped 27 minutes agoListed 3 weeks ago by BoomZoom | КЛЮЧИ за реал

    [⇄] AUTOMATICALLY ACCEPTING! [⇄] Send offer! Don’t add me! No Hold! Don't add extra for Paint/Parts/Other.

    • 2.77 ref Haunted Dr. Gogglestache
    Haunted Dr. Gogglestache
    Listed 4 days ago by (TCFY)★Soaring Gem★

    Buying of up to 2 at one go Fast accept :)

    • 2.44 ref Haunted Dr. Gogglestache
    Haunted Dr. Gogglestache
    Bumped 10 minutes agoListed 4 weeks ago by Whattie 24/7 Bot

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~3 ref
Haunted Dr. Gogglestache

I like Doctors

Req by Garloch, He actually has a Moustache

Classies on backpack.tf

Screen Shot Link: https://snag.gy/Fc9vgy.jpg

Buyer @ 3:


~3 ref
Haunted Dr. Gogglestache

Nothing wrong with this Doctor, nothing at all

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~3 ref
Haunted Dr. Gogglestache

SCM supports raise

Sold for 3 ref: http://i.imgur.com/HPZi2pe.jpg

None on market



Buyers @ 2.22 and 2.11 are

~3 ref
Haunted Dr. Gogglestache

Buyers: http://i.imgur.com/rHQjYgS.png

2.22 Refined buyer: http://backpack.tf/u/76561198045665280

[i]x1 invalid seller at 2.33 Refined, will expire due