Catastrophic Companions

State Distribution for Catastrophic Companions

Paint Distribution for Catastrophic Companions

Particle Distribution for Catastrophic Companions

Schema Tracking

  • Player model changed from models/workshop/player/items/all_class/hwn2015_catastrophic_companions/hwn2015_catastrophic_companions_scout.mdl to models/workshop/player/items/all_class/hwn2015_catastrophic_companions/hwn2015_catastrophic_companions_Scout.mdl.
  • Name defined as Catastrophic Companions.
  • Definition index defined as 30706.
  • Item class defined as tf_wearable.
  • Item type name defined as Mascot.
  • Item name defined as Catastrophic Companions.
  • This item's 'The' prefix was removed.
  • Item slot defined as misc.
  • Player model defined as models/workshop/player/items/all_class/hwn2015_catastrophic_companions/hwn2015_catastrophic_companions_scout.mdl.
  • Default item quality defined as 6 (Unique).
  • Inventory image defined as backpack/workshop/player/items/all_class/hwn2015_catastrophic_companions/hwn2015_catastrophic_companions.
  • Minimum level defined as 1.
  • Maximum level defined as 100.
  • Image URL defined as

  • Large image URL defined as

  • Drop type defined as none.
  • Craft class defined as null.
  • Craft material type defined as hat.
  • Capabilities
  • Paintable defined as 1.
  • This item can now be given a custom name.
  • This item can now be crafted if purchased from the store.
  • The item is now gift wrappable.
  • This item can now be craft counted.
  • Can craft mark defined as 1.
  • This item can now be restored.
  • This item now supports Strange Parts.
  • This item can now be card upgraded.
  • This item can now be strangified.
  • This item can now be killstreakified.
  • This item is now marked as consumable.
  • Attributes
  • 0
  • Name defined as kill eater score type.
  • Class defined as kill_eater_score_type.
  • Value defined as 64.
  • 1
  • Name defined as kill eater kill type.
  • Class defined as kill_eater_kill_type.
  • Value defined as 64.
  • 2
  • Name defined as counts as assister is some kind of pet this update is going to be awesome.
  • Class defined as counts_as_assister.
  • Value defined as 1.