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User Report: 76561198978286019 (Marketplace.TF | Bot 84)

His hacking please disable his account he stole my friends items when he was making a trade with someone CSpicer337 is the victim

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    D. Alex commented

    This account is not "hacking", the scammer that owns it:

    * first tricks you into using a fake "Steam login"

    * then gets control over your Steam account

    * then redirects your trades to this bot.

    Don't do any other trades until you read this and follow the steps to secure your Steam account:

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    CSpicer337 commented

    Here's the problem. This actually did not happen when I (CSpicer337) was scammed. I never did any kind of login through Steam r other websites, but then did control at the last second where one of my trades went to, and had my items taken to this bot. Yes, some tactics were definitely matching what you are saying D. Alex, but it never did start out like you said, I actually gotten my account looked though with some sort of hack

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    D. Alex commented

    While it's possible your Steam account was compromised through some other means, phishing with fake login page is much more common.

    This page might help you find the date your account was compromised (by finding a login from unusual place):

    Then maybe look through your browser history on that date ...

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    OverduePixels commented Staff

    @CSpicer337 please follow the guidelines stated here on Steamrep and then file in a report yourself as we require direct evidence from you.

    @Yuno Gasai please forward your friend to file in a report themselves as we require direct evidence in order to move forward with a report. As a result, this report will now be closed. Thank you for your report nonetheless!

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