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Exploited my bot to steal 29 keys

Culprit- A Very Dangerous Potato (https://backpack.tf/u/76561198320888004)

As brought to my attention by Danny Li (owner of bot.tf), on August 23, 2019 this user exploited a bug of some sort within bot.tf's offer system to steal ~29 keys worth (almost entirely in pure) from my bot, Uncle Dang's Dispenser, while giving nothing in return.

Gallery of Danny's DM and the trades on my bot:


Backpack inspect link to confirm it was him, note the history of the stolen Space Hamster Hammy mid-way:


Space Hamster Hammy history- https://backpack.tf/item/4387343145

Note that, as Danny says in the DM, several other bot.tf bots were exploited in this way. This user may have used the same exploit to rob another bot in the same general timeframe (I particularly suspect that Zeppy Bot 24/7 was also robbed, given the bundle of keys/ref obtained together at the very top of the backpack compare link I provided, but you'd have to get Danny or the bot's owner to confirm this).

I was completely unaware of this happening until Danny informed me today (and under a different discord link, since I used different computers). There are likely other pursuable cases that Danny has the information for.

The rules on SteamRep and here seemed a bit vague on whether this is truly punishable through reports, but it should qualify as item theft as no items were given in return, and this was in no way foreseeable by me. I am wondering if this warrants a SteamRep report as well, if anyone knows definitively in either way, please let me know.

Danny already compensated me through my bot by depositing 29 keys; this reported user has never had direct contact with me before or after the event.

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    Uncle Dang commented

    the person in question is claiming that he reported the bug to bot.tf in the first place, I guess hold off on any actual punishment until I definitively hear from MasterMinder

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    A Very Dangerous Potato commented

    If you got your confirmation can you pleas remove the untrusted rating from my account

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    Uncle Dang commented

    I confirmed with Danny that he did not actually help report the specific bug in question and even attempted to blackmail Danny for a reward before he would disclose what the exact bug was.

    The negative trust and this report still stand, off with his head.

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    Teeny Tiny Cat commented Staff

    Since you didn't lose anything here, you should be reporting this to bot.tf really, not to us. If Danny wants to report someone exploiting his site, I guess I could look at that, but I don't know why this concerns backpack.tf especially. I'm going to leave it at the neg trust, I think.

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