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The user is a scammer, he wanted me to sign through a fake CS:GO site with a fake steam login page to help him win some sort of contest. I didn't respond to them as I was checking since I knew something was fishy and they removed me.

Here's our conversation:

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    Please give a detailed description of what happened and provide screenshot evidence to back up your claims (screenshots of chat, trade history, paypal, etc.). All screenshots should be completely uncropped & unedited. We are unable to investigate proofless reports.

    A guide on reporting can be found here -

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    I think I added him a couple of days ago for trade? We didn't talk for a while. Yesterday, he asked me to help him win a contest by voting for his team. He didn't give any specific details other than I should sign through the site and vote for his team. He even offered a bunch of keys to help him by voting him. He said that I should sign through steam, not email because of fake voting... I didn't respond while I was checking that site out. I was checking to see that the steam login was fake since I knew something was up. Since I didn't respond to them, I was removed after a while. I figured out that the steam login was also a false one meant to steal personal information.

    I have uploaded the screenshot uncropped and unedited over here:

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    Hello, the user has now been banned on site. Thank you for your report!

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